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Get Your Complimentary Workplace Stress Management Session!

YES! I’d like to bring the Stress Management Lunch & Learn to my office!  Please provide your contact name and information as well as the name of your Human Resources or Wellness Contact information, if necessary to schedule session.




What you need is a practical and powerful learning experience that teaches your staff how to reduce and eliminate stress.
We can HELP!
In the CALM Stress Reduction Program you will learn:
– Reduce stress with simple yet effective techniques that can be done instantly
– Increase productivity, team cohesion and and morale
– Manage difficult situations with ease and composure
– Communicate more effectively with challenging coworkers
The CALM Corporate Stress Reduction Program was developed by Dr. Nancy J. Williams, a practitioner of holistic medicine and Neca C. Smith, Ed.S., LPC, CAMS, trainer and counselor specializing in emotional wellness in businesses. They bring their unique specialties together to bring you a interactive, practical and lively program!
Email us at info at aidevo dot com or call us at 404-537-1821 or 770-484-4745 to schedule your session today!

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Effective Communication in the Workplace for Newbies! Part 1

(Hi All…This is a guest post from our intern Tunde’ Aideyan.  In a few months scores of new college grads as well as well as others will be entering the workforce for the first time.  Tunde’ advises new grads, millennials/gen y and others on how to effectively communicate in the workplace from his own experience as well as from our publications. Enjoy this 3 Part Series!) 

As a recent college grad whose starting your first job, it is very essential to have effective communication skills. This can be challenging for people new to the work environment, but with practice and an understanding of communication, anyone can be a successful employee. Continue reading

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WATCH: Neca C. Smith on RHOA!

Yours truly (Neca C. Smith – that is!) has appeared on Real Housewives of Atlanta, offering relationship advice to NeNe Leaks. The episode will rebroadcast on Friday, March 23 at 7pm on Bravo!

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Workshop Alert!!! Come Relax and Learn with Us on March 22!

We’ve been talking alot lately about stress and how to handle it in the workplace. Now we have an awesome workshop- CALM: Corporate Stress Reduction Program to help you and your staff members relax, learn and work to meet business goals.

This learning experience was developed by Neca C. Smith of AidevO People Consulting and Dr. Nancy J. Williams of First Fruit Natural Healing Home will be held on March 22 from 9:30am -12:30pm.

Check out our website for more information and registration…And please hurry…Early registration ends on Friday, March 9!

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4 Tips to Beat Workplace Stress| Video

Overwhelmed by stress? Watch Neca C. Smith as she gives you 4 easy tips to manage stress in the workplace and at home!

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What’s Stressin’ You at Work? 3 Causes of Workplace Stress

On-the-job stress costs American businesses and corporations billions of dollars. Yet each year as the costs grow so does the amount of stress. Stress by definition is the normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or out of balance in some way. It happens when our body’s physical & emotional reaction to circumstances or events frighten, confuse, endanger, or excite and place demands on the body. With that definition in mind, it’s helpful to note that stress can only begin by our response or reaction to the source of the stress…NOT the stressor itself. Here are 3 common causes of workplace stress:

Career Concerns: In today’s economic climate uncertainty about the status of one’s employment regardless to the industry seems to be top of mind. Worry and anxiety creep up and add to the existing stress.

Work Roles: In addition to the economy being uncertain it has also increased the workloads for many workers. What took an entire department two years ago, is only staffed by two people now. Playing more than one role is not only stressful but exhausting.

Interpersonal Relationships: When the work environment consists of low morale, lack of team work and lack of support from management, just the THOUGHT of coming in to work can begin to wear one down.

So you ask, how do you handle these stress sources? Instead of snapping…Begin by changing your perception in order to decrease your stress. If career uncertainty is your problem, start to think about what is certain in your life or how you were able to successfully navigate other unstable periods on your life. If your workload is unrealistic, tell yourself that you are doing all you can and the best you can given the situation. Many an individual has allowed workload to consume them and in turn their health has suffered the consequences. And lastly, if difficult work relationships have been the main causes of your stress, a fresh change in your perspective of your team or co-workers may reduce daily frustration.

How do you handle workplace stressors??? I’d love to hear your thoughts!